The facility here provides 24-hour availability of professional care and high levels of personal care.

Drug &Alcohol De-addiction(DAD)

Individuals having problems because of use of substances like alcohol, nicotine, charas, ganja, or misusing medications like cough syrups, sleeping pills and chemical like whitener can approach us and we would be contented to help them out of their dependence.

Rehabilitation Unit

Rehabilitation Care provides a full range of rehabilitation services to help patients of all ages regain function and achieve recovery and to promote the highest possible levels of social and vocational functioning and well-being for individuals with severe and persistent mental disorders.

Long-term care

In our long term care, families know their loved ones will be in the best hands possible.. Manomithra institute's long-term care services provide around-the-clock nursing care in a homelike setting.

Care for senior citizens

monitoring of social and recreational opportunities, provide secured surroundings for confused elderly adults who may wander while others are unable to accept individuals who are incontinent or who have severe problems with memory loss. Bedside Attendants provide care to these patients, assisting with toileting, movement, and consumption of food.

Day care services(DCS)

The main objective of day care centre a home away from a home. The activities of this centre are planned with scientific approach and professional management. The centre has been equipped with vocational training,educational aids, books, games, etc

Care Home for Physically/Mentally Challenged Children

The center offering a variety of programs for the overall development of physically disabled children. It provides for the holistic development of the benefactors through educational and boarding facilities. Besides, the institution provides counseling programs for both parents and children to understand better their disability and empower them to cope up with the situation.

Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

It is the most intensive level of care offered, providing 24-hour skilled nursing observation and care; daily interventions and oversight by a psychiatrist; and intensive, highly coordinated treatment by a physician-led team of mental health professionals. 24 hours Residential Medical Officer's service is available.

Out Reach Programs

Outreach services may be targeted to specific populations, including children; older persons; women; specific occupational or indigenous populations

  • To organize community based intervention programs for the promotion of health such as rural health camps/ campaigns at schools, colleges, panchayaths etc.