About us

Welcome to Manomithra Institute of medical sciences, one of the nation's leading inpatient psychiatric hospitals. We are dedicated in treating individuals with complex mental illnesses, We are equally committed to groom future mental health professionals and advancing mental healthcare through research.

The Manomithra Psychiatric care and counseling Center was established in 2008 and since the in-conception we are consistently bringing "Smiles to thousands of patients" by delivering Positive Mental Health.

The Managing Director of this Institution, Dr.C.D.Premadasan, a well known Psychiatrist in Kerala, recently renovated the unit namely Manomithra institute of Medical Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is now a well equipped modern, comfortable environment not only for the patients but for the relatives, friends and personal care takers.

Our treatment & Our mission

Our treatment program is structured to maintain the safety, dignity and confidentiality of every patient in the unit. Each patient in the unit works with a multidisciplinary treatment team, comprised of a number of health professionals along with the chief psychiatrist ( Dr.C.D.Premadasan) Clinical Psychologists, counseling Psychologist, occupational therapists, Psychiatric social workers, Psychiatric nursing staffs, etc ,who work together to ensure the treatment plan is comprehensive and accurately reflects on each patient's . Each Members of the treatment team has a specific role in discharging their duties entrusted.

Our mission is to provide an effective therapeutic program for mental illness, so that , they can learn to manage their symptoms, achieve their highest level of independence and go on to lead rewarding lives, among other people in the society.

We believe:

Manomithra - Institute of Medical Science Pvt Ltd Every individual can lead a life with meaning and purpose.
Manomithra - Institute of Medical Science Pvt Ltd Every person is different, each shaped by unique life experiences. This enables us to understand each other and the people whom we serve better.
Manomithra - Institute of Medical Science Pvt Ltd Integrated and evidence based mental health care helps individuals to maximize resilience and achieve wellness.
Manomithra - Institute of Medical Science Pvt Ltd Interactions with individuals must be engaging, empowering, empathic and respectful.
Manomithra - Institute of Medical Science Pvt Ltd Professional and personal growth and full accountability for our actions are essential.
Manomithra - Institute of Medical Science Pvt Ltd When we work together as a team, we can accomplish more positive impact that may lead into good results.


Manomithra - Institute of Medical Science Pvt Ltd The facilities provided here have a structured programme consisting of activities like physical exercises, yoga training, Vocational training, Music therapy , Psycho-drama, Outing and recreational activities. Other specialized services like social skills training, cognitive rehabilitation, IQ assessment, disability assessment, etc are also provided. Handicrafts, designing, drawing, painting, etc., are given under the supervision of competent and trained hands. Conveyance is provided for the vocational trainers/participants. Active efforts are made to explore employment opportunities for adequately trained participants.
Manomithra - Institute of Medical Science Pvt Ltd Group sessions are also an important part of the patient's treatment plan. Some groups are based on psychotherapy techniques with a focus on how the patient is feeling "here and now "

Staff will have a thorough check of the belongings brought to the premises and will make sure that no unwarranted things such as Alcohol, Tubaco products etc., have been brought in.. .

More Information

We hope that many of your questions have been answered and this information helps orient you to the unit and its procedures. We would like all patients and visitors to feel as comfortable as possible on our units, as treatment is most effective in such an atmosphere. Therefore, if you have any other suggestion or concerns please do not hesitate to discuss them with an intake coordinator at 9447031342. Guest Services offers a comprehensive array of programs and services that are dedicated to making sure your experience at Manomithra Hospital & Clinic as pleasant, comfortable & homely as you intend. Thank you and we hope that your stay with us will be a helpful and productive one.